SGA ENGINEERS is currently searching for a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer to join our rapidly expanding team.  We provide a challenging and rewarding environment with goals focusing on you and your career.  We want to develop you as an individual and enable you to be your authentic self, professionally and personally.

One of the advantages of joining our team is just that - we are truly a team.  We value each individual's input and understand we are better as a whole.  Our senior leadership enjoys mentorship and leading by example.   Additional perks of the company include professional development, flexible hours, unlimited paid time off, options for health benefits, bonuses, and a healthy work environment.  Drop us a line and see what we have to offer - you may be surprised that your dream job may be at SGA ENGINEERS!

We support the cooperative education program that's offered by several engineering universities.  We keep a rolling opening for mechanical and electrical engineering students who wish to enroll in this program and strive to enter the consulting industry.

As a co-op student engineer, you will be empowered as a full member of the team.  You will be responsible for any and all actionable items that a full-time engineer will encounter.  You will attend meetings, learn and lead the design, and interact with several key project stakeholders throughout the entire process.  We have experience in this program and understand how valuable this program is to engineering students.  This industry is challenging and fulfilling; if you enjoy hands-on design, construction, and the social teaming environment we offer, contact us.