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[Private Client] Event Center - Canton, Ohio

A private client (religous sector) has begun construction of a new campus to include a church building, an event center, a maintenance garage, and outdoor recreation areas. Split into several phases, the first major phase of this project included significant site and utility infrastructure improvements, as well as a new, multi-purpose facility for primary use as an event center and gymnasium space. The facility includes office space, storage areas, restrooms, a food service area, open event and gymnasium space, and an activity mezzanine. The HVAC system was designed to meet a frequent change in demand for the main event space while maintaining a separate system for the auxiliary spaces within the building. Modulating compressors and hot gas reheat were specifically utilized to maintain the temperature and humidity within the space. Exposed, standing spiral lock-seam ductwork was utilized in the high-bay event space. Dimmable LED lighting and carefully-planned electrical outlets were designed with the multi-use space in mind. In addition, the sanitary laterals, domestic hot water plant, electrical service, and domestic cold water service were all properly sized for future campus and building expansions. 

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